5 Tips on Planning an Event Successfully

Hey you, this for you that are reading this post, do you like to plan an event or to be part of one?

I’m sure most people’s response will be to attend an event, mainly because you won’t need to get involved in planning, music, food, budgeting, decorating and many other things an event needs to have.

But I’m writing this post just to help you on planning an event and making your life a lot easier, planning for example a wedding, does not have to be a nightmare, especially if you plan ahead and be well organized. Good planning involves work before, during and after the event.
I have read a lot about it and I always get encouraged to learn more and end my research discovering new things, it is really exciting to put together the new knowledge with the experience that I already have working as event coordinator for such a long time.

Time to Plan

In this post I wrote, in my opinion, 5 golden tips that can be fundamental on planning your event, can be just a simple small birthday party for family and friends to a huge wedding for 250 people or more.

First of all, create a checklist (1), it does not have to be using paper and pen (nowadays we are already using more technology, you will probably use a tablet for this function) there are also several mobile applications available for events organization, so if you like to be in touch with technology and find it easy to manage, do not think twice and download one.


(2) Develop a budget. The budget should be specific and as close as of the reality, it is essential to include revenue expenses such as printing, permits, insurance, speakers, food, supplies and security. Always keep in mind to maintain good records of everything, income and expenses. Also, expect the unexpected, extra expenses will come up for sure.
The location and site of your event is critical for success. So, think about the location facilities (3). Selecting a site is more than just finding out what rooms are available. There are many factors to consider, including room capacity, cooking facilities for the catering company, whether you’re having an in/outdoor event, if there are special needs for ramps/elevators, if you’ll need any special equipment, and how many tables and chairs will be necessary for guests.

You are not alone in this one, please check in the link below some of the amazing venues we’ve been delivering many beautiful events at:

Recommended Venues

Pay attention at this one: (4) Have plenty of food and drinks – What kind of food will you serve? Lunch? Snack foods? Dinner? Buffet? Sit down? In this case, we are more than happy to help you with. We offer different packages for weddings (Buffet and Brazilian Rodizio style), birthday parties, corporate and cocktail events. For more information about it check our website.


Also, you’ll have to think what kind of beverages will be available? Will they be served in a can, punch bowl, or some other way? If you intend to serve alcohol, ensure firstly if your bar staff are licensed to serve alcohol (Responsible Service of Alcohol – RSA) – this is a must – and that you have plenty of designated drivers available to transport those who may be unable to drive home – also very important, be safe.

And finally evaluate the event (5). One of the most ignored, yet important, elements of project planning is evaluation. If you want to determine how successful an event is, you’ll need to collect feedback from participants. Create an evaluation form to hand out (and, if possible, collect) at the end of the event. To encourage participation, your evaluation form should be anonymous and short, having this information it is easy to plan the following event, once that you have what went well and wrong in your planning.


I hope this post has helped you to have a clearer idea about planning and events, of course these are only 5 tips from many other important ones, but these are, in my opinion, the basics that you should worry about. See you in the next post!